Sweet FM

"Before we were called Phoenix FM there had been a broadcast made under the name of Spark FM. We were thinking of a new name and getting nowhere fast. I was out drinking with a friend one night and said that we wanted something that reflected Halifax in the name. After a while…and a few more drinks he stopped and said, "I've got it….Sweet FM!" I took it to the committee as a suggestion but it wasn't thought suitable at the time"

Home made toffee crisps

"When I was a lad five of us lived in a one up, one down. Every week a man who worked at Mackintosh's brought my Mum a tub of chocolate. It was surplus and was to be thrown away. It was like a huge chocolate lava flow and there was nothing wrong with it. So every Thursday my Mum would scrape it out and melt it down. We would pour boxes of cornflakes into it, stir it up and make crispy chocolate buns which we would then take down to Sowerby Bridge market to make money for the family."

Anglo Bubbly

"My mates and I would walk past Mack's on a Saturday and go past the factory where they made the Anglo Bubbly. The big doors were always open and if we stood there long enough the workers would throw huge wads of the stuff to us, which we would tear off and nearly break our jaws trying to chew!"

"Remember the big pink 2 pence sized but 10 times thicker bubble gum, made by Mackintosh? When we were kids we went swimming on a Saturday then walked past the Factory in Halifax where it was made, knocked on the loading bay door and got some the guy working there. Challenge was to see how many you could put in your mouth without being sick!! Aahh those were the days!"

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